Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fans garland Tutorial

Home Decor DIY: Fans Garland Sewing Tutorial
craft fans garland

Remember this garland that I showed you some time ago? Its made with a charm pack from Moda Fabrics. This garland can be used in a number of ways to decorate and personalize their rooms, nooks or any space. The best part? Since we are not cutting these squares, you could totally reuse them for your next sewing/quilting project once the decorations are taken down. 

Charm pack squares - I used 15 squares but you could use as many as you want to get the desired length

Approximate Time
One hour for a garland with 15 fans
charm pack square
marmalade by Bonnie and Camille
Fold a charm pack square in half. Iron

Folding an origami fan
Fold both halves into half again onto themselves. Iron.

Folding an origami fan
And again fold the outermost halves onto themselves ( but outward this time). Iron.
Folding an origami fan

Now fold the one closest to the center to complete the accordion fold. Iron.

accordion fold

Repeat this with as many pieces as you want to have in the garland.

sewing a fan from a charm pack

Using a needle and a thread(thread it with 2 strands of thread) , sew a stitch in the center of the folded fabric. Do it twice if you want additional strength.
sewing a fan from a charm pack

Now bring together two corners of the square and sew a stitch joining them.

Your first fan is ready!
making a fans garland

Now leave 3 inches of thread and sew another fan to it.
making a fans garland

Now keep going until you're done with all the squares you ironed.

sewing a garland
Your fan garland is ready to be hung. Enjoy!

sewing a garland

Your lemonade stand, fortress, card table hideout, or just personalizing your room, the possibilities are endless, and so is fun..

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