Saturday, September 22, 2012

Princess Costume Sewing Tutorials Compilation

Princess Costumes Sewing Tutorials
Belle Costume Tutorial Courtsey Tidbits
Belle Costume Tutorial Courtsey Tidbits

Are you also having an uneasy feeling of missing something lately? Feeling like something is sneaking up on you fast and you are not prepared? Yeah me too! Until I realized that it was Halloween. For sewing enthusiasts Halloween is like the bonus holiday, you get to show off all that you know about sewing in the form of a costume, and become a rock star in the eyes of your kids. But oh the pressure!
I have compiled a hubpage with just the Princess Costume tutorials to help you decide. Browse this compilation of sewing tutorials with your little one and decide whether you want a Belle, Cinderella or Ariel this Halloween.
bat costume DIY
Bat Costume DIY courtsey Alphamom

Don't worry if your little one is not into princess, or you are blessed with adorable boys. On my other blog Sew Pretty Sew Free, we are already having a Halloween Party with all kinds of costume Sewing tutorials for both girls and boys. We are featuring one or more sewing tutorial everyday, so don't miss out, join in the fun. First costume tutorial ( My Little Pony) of this series here.

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  1. Hi! I clicked on the link for the Hubs pages and it wouldn't work. I'd love to see your tutorials! My girls would love that!


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