Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A bouquet of flowers: My way and then some

DIy fabric flowers tutorials I know! I know! another blogger yapping about fabric flowers.
Who doesn't know how to make fabric flowers? What seamstress worth her needle, hasn't already added them to the clothing she made?
Well, I have seen a lot of fabric flower tutorials and have made many of those as well. However, I haven't come across this technique,yet and I read. a. lot. So either this is too simple to write a tutorial or nobody has thought about it yet. I thought I'll just put it out there in case somebody doesn't know.  So here we go.

For making two fabric flowers you will need a rectangle of 5inchesX 7 inches. Sew it into a tube with right sides together, only across the length.

Now turn the tube inside out. Once you have tube ready, push back one end of the tube, back inside, about 1.5 inches. Pinch the tube with your fingers at one inch from this end. Does it look like a flower?

Secure the flower by hand-stitching the flower at the place where you pinched the tube. Cut the remaining tube hanging at the bottom of the flower.
Your flower is ready sew it on to a pretty dress:

Sorry! The flower I used to show the tutorial and the flowers on the dress are different in color, but they are made the same way.
Don't like this flower, well, you can try making these, these, these, these, these, these, these, these, these or these. Blogsphere is blooming with pretty little flowers in all the seasons. What is your favorite way of making flowers? Let me know in the comments