Monday, June 20, 2011

Butterfly dresss saga: Part 2

As I mentioned earlier that I'm going to take my revenge on butterfly dress ( ok, its not as ominous as it sounds in this sentence). I just love the butterfly dress style and badly wanted to make it work...there...sounds much better.
But as you can gather from the pic....I fixed my mistakes from earlier version here. And made new ones.
And I chose a pretty fabric this time...Cute kid + pretty fabric = success guaranteed :)
But I really think I made it work this time around.
Whats more is that the little one thinks its the coolest dress ever. She wanted to grab it and run away, while I was still sewing it. No kidding!
I'm still thinking of a better way to sew it though...for one thing I don't care for the bias tape bound neckline.
I think because of all the ruffling, the bias tape doesn't look that crisp at the neckline. Also I'm wondering if I can make a shirred version of this pattern. That would be cool...don't you think?
Butterfly dress saga...To be continued.

Ps: Get the original tutorial here ( Sewing in no mans land).