Monday, June 13, 2011

Peasant Dress Flurry continues!

Peasant Dress Sewing Project
So this is the benefit of saving a template - you can sew many more garments based on a single pattern without having to go through the time consuming process of drafting the pattern and altering it until it fits well. The thing with the fit is that you wont get a perfect fit easily, whether you draft your own pattern or
follow a pattern you bought. Because human beings are not made according to a standard but the patterns are. So whatever you do, you have to go though a little trial and error before you have a perfect fit. But I digress....
I was smart enough to save the template when I made the peasant dress last time, which actually fit my daughter well. So now I'm whipping out peasant! There are actually so many little variations you can make to any pattern that nobody will ever notice you made the same thing like...10 times.  Here's my latest attempt.
sewing project : peasant dress

If you look at it carefully you'll notice that the neck is wonky...stare at it a little more and you will also notice that the ruffle in the center is not exactly...errr...straight!
peasant dress sewing pattern

But that is the advantage of having little kids...dress them in paper bags and they will still look cute. So yeah! it looks totally awesome on the little one. Awesome! now that's the look I was going for.