Thursday, July 14, 2011

I know its a sewing blog, but you gotta see this

Ziploc travel packing method
 Picture credit mconnors via morguefile

So this started with a recent camping trip we had gone to ( And I realized that I'm not a happy camper after all...but I digress). I follow Crystal's blog Money Saving Mom religiously...she's always coming up with great tips, has fabulous guest posts and who doesn't love good deals.
Recently, she shared this post on how she packs stuff for her trips. She use this ziploc method to pack clothes for her family. When I saw this a lightbulb went off..It was a perfect "Aha" moment, Only I didn't invent this method. But it was an idea well-worth copying.

So I started packing with ziplocs. Actually, I asked hubby to get bigger ziplocs first and when he didn't budge, I pouted and stomped my way to nearest drugstore to get ziplocs...but I digress...Anyhow, I packed all our clothes in the ziplocs, down to the unmentionables. I wasn't a convert yet, I waited to see if the idea would work as well as I hoped it would.

I was really pleased with myself, when at the campsite, I didn't have to dig through the suitcase to find socks for the little one...
But that's not where it ends, it gets better.
While I was away taking a shower. Husband and friends decided that they should go to the lake. So when I came back hubby and little one were waiting for me in the car...without thinking much I buckled myself and off we went. Everything was fine for a while...the guys and the kids immersed themselves in the lake while me and the other gals chit-chatted and took pics. When they started getting out of water...I realized with growing panic...I didn't pack a change of clothes for hubby. I sat near the lake while the others went to change fully expecting hubby to arrive dripping wet in his swimming trunks and cursing that I should have at least reminded him to take clothes.

He came back in a short while, all changed up and happy. When I sat back in the car, he said "Wow what a packing it was...I had everything I need in that ziploc, it was too good". And when hubby says is better than good...way better.

So the ziploc method passed the litmus test around here. scratch that. passed with flying colors.

Now you know why I'm so eager to share it with you all. It works. people. It works.