Sunday, July 17, 2011

The McQueen Tee

Fabric Painting project: McQueen Tshirt
There's an absolutely adorable young man who

- Loves Spiderman

- Absolutely hates if somebody calls him a baby

- Is the only young boy in our circle of friends

- Is celebrating his birthday this week....

Making something nice handmade for him was really difficult for me because I'm mostly surrounded by girls...mostly my ideas always, bows, ruffles, polka dots, get the picture.

Nothing which will be appreciated by a self respecting young man.

I bounced off several ideas in my head...finally came up with this Mcqueen Tee.
Because other than the above this young man also LOVES McQueen!!!
The front:
painting a McQueen graphic

And the Back:
fabric painting a cars tshirt

This project was way out of my comfort zone but I think it turned out cute. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the young man likes it...we will see...
If not, I'll just keep reminding myself not to refer him as baby.