Monday, July 29, 2013

Ringer Onesie Sew Along Finale - Sew the Snaps

Make For Baby: Ringer Onesie
ringer onesie sewalong - day 8

Its our eighth and final day of the sew along.Wow! I followed it through and am finally done with the onesie. I'm mighty proud of myself.

Tutorial for Ringer Onesie by Shwin and Shwin

Today's task is:
Attach the snaps
attaching the snaps to a onesie
Now if you are reading this and haven't done it yet...stop right here, get the snaps plier ( or whatever that gadget is) and use it to nicely place snaps on this onesie you made with so much effort.
I tried to use a snap tape and almost wrecked the project because of it. Not fun!
If you don't have and dont want to invest in a snap plier just sew some velcro in there.
However, the onesie still looks good once it is closed so I'm still giving it a passing grade and I have concluded that I love Shauna's Ringer Onesie pattern. Its just perfect. Now that this sew along has given me the confidence, I plan to sew many more of these onesies. Hopefully they will go much faster but even if they don't, I'm ok with it. After all, its the journey that matters, doesn't it?

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