Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bottoms Up - Part 2: Reversible Pants

Reversible Pants Sewing Tutorial

free pattern for reversible pants

Read the first part of the series Basic Pants.

With fall coming up, it will be great to have these reversible pants on hand.

There're a lot of reasons I love these pants:

1. You can switch up sides to match two outfits.
2. With fall coming up, having two layers provide some warmth to the little tush.
3. With a baby like mine, who's allergic to all the artificial fabrics, this is the only way I can make her wear fancy stuff, like velour, with a cotton lining inside.
4. If you make it in contrasting colors and a little longer, you can have nice contrasting cuffs, which will later become plain pants, when your baby grown 2 inches overnight.

Do you need anymore reasons to try these out?
Lets get going then...

Supplies: Two fabrics. - half yard each for a 2 yo size
                Elastic for waistband - 1 inch wide
A good rule of thumb for determining elastic length is to measure the waist of child and subtract 3 inches.
This works for me but if you can, just pin (use safety pin) a loop at a length that seems reasonable to you. and try putting this loop on child's waist. If it is comfortable and snug then that is the ideal length.

Lay the fabrics folded into four layers lengthwise, lay fabric 1 on top of fabric 2.

cutting out reversible pants pieces
Place your pattern on fold on fabric, with straight side lining up with the fold.
free pattern for reversible pants

Trace and cut. If you want contrasting cuffs at the hem, extend the legs by one inch.
reversible pants sewing pattern

Now sew the inseams of legs on all 4 pieces.

how to sew reversible pants

Join the two fabric1 legs together. Also Join the two fabric2 legs together. So you have 2 pants, which don't have waistband or hems done, yet.

join both sides of reversible pants

Now join both pants at the hems. ( both legs right sides together)

turn out reversible pants

reversible pants sewing tutorial

Pull out both pants and now insert fabric 1 inside fabric 2, this time wrong sides together.

Now iron the fabric at the waistband, about half inch inside. Top-stitch this seam, leaving a 1.5 inch opening.

Sew another seam parallel to the top-stitch, about 1.5 inch below this one, leave no opening.

From the top seam opening, insert an elastic. Sew both the ends of elastic.

Sew the opening shut and done!

how to sew reversible pants

diy reversible pants


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