Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello Kitty Tee - Fabric painting mini tutorial

Fabric Painting Mini Tutorial
hello kitty tshirt sewing
Remember the McQueen Tee, I showed last week. While it was hung on our wall waiting for the fabric paint to dry, little munchkin made a lot of fuss about wanting to have that one for herself. We had a hard time explaining to her that it wasn't meant for her. ( How do you reason with a two year old?). She made it pretty clear that even though she is not throwing a tantrum, she is not liking the fact that she is deprived of the Tee she liked. At that time I promised her that I would make another one for her.

Not that she remembers it, but of course, how could I not make one for her? So here's my second go at raglan tee and fabric painting. Wanna see a close-up of the hello kitty motif?

painting hello kitty

Yep! My fabric painting in all its flaws glory.
Since some of you asked...Here's how I do it:
I basically draw the motif on the paper  and redraw and redraw until I'm happy with my sketch and its size. Then I cut it out, position it on the Tee and retrace the boundaries with a black fabric marker. I always make sure that I keep a paper or heavy cloth sandwiched between the front and back of the tee, just in case marker bleeds through the fabric. Once I trace the boundaries, I remove the paper cut out and fill in the details with marker. I just eyeball them, but if you want to be more precise you can also cut parts of motif and fit them in their place and trace them as well. Once I have sketched the whole thing, I just fill each area with fabric paints and let it dry for 10-12 hours. Once the paint dries, I redo the boundaries with black marker to make it look neater. After 24 hours iron the whole thing from reverse side to set the paint.There, painting done.

embellishing with fabric painting

Well the munchkin doesn't care for this one. Go figure :/