Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fall Wardrobe Revamp 2012: Fixing the sweater

Here is another edition of Fall Wardrobe Revamp 2012. Here is my very simple and quick refashion of turning a odd sized sweater into a more wearable kind. Here are the previous editions of the series:
 A couple of years ago I bought a sweater from Marshalls. It was a super soft and cozy sweater with a beautiful pastel green color and a cowl neck which was very comfortable in cold weather. However, this sweater had some serious issues. See for yourself in the picture below
Here is a lovely picture of mine in the sweater. Strangely the fit was ok in the body, but look at those arms. Somebody must have switched the sleeves from "Tall women" section to petite I think. Also its not visible in the picture, but those armholes could fit the waist of a slender woman.

First step was to cut off the sleeves.

Then I kept the shape same but cut off about an inch from both the sleeves.

I shortened the width of the sleeve by about an inch by sewing a seam parallel to the existing seam. I also sew a seam on the body of the sweater by sewing a slanted seam starting a the armhole. This reduced the size of armhole.
Then I sew the sleeve to the armhole.
Repeated this for the other sleeve as well.

 Tried it on! Oh my hands! I can actually see them in this sweater. Pretty cool..huh
And we can also see my 'not pregnant anymore' belly as well...not cool...but oh so there. ( so wish there was a refashion for hiding that)

I just thought that having some big flowers  at the front will help such luck but I do like the flowers. I made them with pink wool and lazy-daisy stitch.

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