Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tutorial: Devil's advocate Hat

Sewing Tutorial: Knotted Baby Hat

This is a tutorial I did as a guest post on Bear Rabbit Bear last month. Just republishing it her in case you'd missed it earlier.

Devil's advocate baby hat:


    * Knit fabrics: Take 2 pieces of same fabric or two different fabrics – use up those scraps that are too big to throw away but too irregular to make into a dress, top etc.

    * Print out the pattern [PDF page 1 and page 2], tape the two pages as shown and cut out both pieces of the pattern (total of 3 cuts – piece 1 spans both pages and piece 2 is on page 1. Once you cut out all the three pieces, tape both parts of Piece 1 by overlapping the small part over the bigger part, up to the line on page 2.

   1. Fold each fabric in two layers, then fold one more time. Place each pattern piece on fold and cut. So now you have two pieces of #1 and two pieces of #2.

Note: Just Ignore the joint in the center...its there because I didn't have enough fabric, but if you cut the patterns on the fold, you shouldn't have it.
2.  Sew together pieces of #1 along the cone, bunny ears side, leaving just the bottom straight side raw, right sides together. Sew together pieces of #2 along the semi-circular side, right sides together.

This is the place where my camera died and I couldn't take pics of the rest of the process, so I continued
with another hat next day.

   3. Now join #1 and #2 by sewing along the raw edge, right sides together. Leave about 2 inch opening.

   4. Using the opening, turn the whole thing inside out. Use a pencil or point turner to poke the ears out on fabric #1. Push the fabric #2 inside fabric #1.
   5. Slip-stitch the opening shut.

   6. Tie two knots with the 'ears' of Fabric #1. You may have to adjust these knots a bit to give them the right look. The knots also give you some control over the size of the hat so you can make it fit the child's head a little better.

If the hat is a little big, you can turn some of the bottom out to fit the head of the baby. The best part is that these hats don’t have a any inside seams to bother the baby skin. Enjoy your little devil's advocate...he'll soon be coming up with some tough questions.


  1. What an adorable hat! I love how simple it was to make. Thanks for sharing. I am a new FB and GFC follower from Craetions by Kara. Vicky from Mess For Less

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