Sunday, May 1, 2011

Simple Layered Skirt: Tutorial

Layered Skirt Sewing Tutorial
skirt sewing tutorial
I recently came up with this method of making skirts. I think it is much faster because it doesn't require a separate waistband and also easier to do because the topstitching is minimal. I thought I would share it with my readers here:
I  made a size 2T skirt, so thats the size I'm writing this tutorial for, you will have to adjust the length and width according to the size you're making.
Here's the list of materials:

 First body of the skirt. Lets take two co-ordinating fabrics for that.
Piece 1: Length ( cut on the grain) - 11 inches, width ( across the grain) - full width ( 36 inches)
Piece 2: Length ( cut on the grain) - 8 inches, width ( across the grain) - full width ( 36 inches)

Belt loops:
Length ( cut on the grain) - 3.5 inches, width ( across the grain) - full width ( 36 inches)

1 inch wide grosgrain ribbon: Approximately 40 inches

Bias Tape ( optional )

So lets get started:
Sew the lengths with right sides together to create two tubes as shown above. Since we have taken
the whole width, we needn't worry about finishing the seams. Selvedge doesn't fray.

Now insert the smaller tube over bigger tube such that wrong side of bigger tube is with right side of the smaller tube. Set aside. Now lets work on belt loops.

cut a 3.5 inch wide piece across the width. Sew it into a tube along the width ( longer side together, right sides together). Turn. Bring the seam in the center of the tube. Iron it into a flat strip. Cut into 5 equal pieces.
Shown below.

Now pin each of these pieces in the skirt body such the it is sandwiched between the bigger and smaller tubes of skirt body. Also be careful to keep the seam facing the smaller tube. We don't want the belt loops
showing their seam on the front of the skirt. I think the following two pics illustrate this step better.

Now sew across the top of this tube pinned with belt loops. Making sure the you're catching both the skirt pieces as well as belt loops.

Now turn, iron and topstitch and you will get something like this:

Now fold the top down about 1.5" and iron to make a crease. Now fold the free ends of belt loops to match this crease and secure these ends to the skirt by topstitching them.

Now sew a line over this crease to create a place to put an elastic. Make sure you leave about 2 inches of opening to insert elastic.

Now insert your elastic from the opening between both layers of the skirt. Secure it with a pin and test it the
width of the skirt looks good. Adjust according to your desire width.

Sew the elastic closed using a zigzag stitch:
Be careful here, the elastic should be straight within the skirt waisband.
Sew the elastic opening shut.
Finish the hems with a bias tape, or just turning and topstitching them.
Insert a wide co-ordinating grosgrain Ribbon through the belt loops. Tie a bow.
Step back and marvel at the Layered Spring Skirt. Here's mine:

free skirt pattern
This was my first attempt at a a tutorial. Hopefully some of it made sense. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll try my best to clarify them.