Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sweetheart Shrug Mini Tutorial

Sweetheart shrug sewing tutorial

Here's the tutorial for making your own sweetheart shrug. This project is very similar to Butterfly Shrug (tutorial here), so I have just highlighted the differences from there. I highly recommend reading the butterfly shrug tutorial first and then coming back to this to better understand it.

Cut the back of the shrug using another shrug for sizing.

For a quick comparison, here's what butterfly shrug front looked like.

Notice that the width is less than the back, neck is higher and it ends with a small straight line, whereas the sweetheart shrug ends with a point.

Here's the shape that I cut the front halves into. Each half is equal to back in width, so together they are twice the width of the back. Notice that compared to butterfly shrug, I kept the neckline much lower in this shrug.

Gather the neck line of front halves. Join with the back at the shoulders.

Now cut a 2 inches wide strip of fabric equal to neckline in length.Sew it along the neckline at the inside ( wrong side of shrug)

Now turn it outside and top-stitch. You will have raw end of the strip showing on the outside. This is ok. We'll take care of it later on.

Add the sleeves ( refer tutorial here). I also cut the cuffs of the sleeves slanted instead of straight, I thought it went well with the heart shaped hemline.
You may go with either slanted or straight sleeves.

Cut scallops on the raw edge of the strip at the neck-line. This will help it sit evenly at the neck. Don't worry about making these perfect, they are going to get covered later on.

Cut a 3 inches wide strip, the length should be twice the neckline. Sew two seams in the center of this strip ( do not back-stitch ) and gently pull the bobbin threads to ruffle it.
Sew it along the neckline. Tuck the ends inside. Sew a pretty Ribbon at both ends of neckline. Add some fray check to the raw ends of the ribbon, or keep it over a flame for few seconds to melt the ends. This will keep the ribbon from fraying.
Finish the hems with rolled hem.